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Gloria Berry is a Bay Area native, born and raised in San Francisco. She started serving the community at the young age of 17 when she joined the San Francisco Police Activities League.  Her biggest joy was fingerprinting children because of her love of the youth and the hope that if a child is abducted, fingerprints would help find them.  This program also gave Ms. Berry an insight she didn’t have when she did her ride along with the SFPD and a tour of the San Francisco Jail. She responded to a rape victim, alcoholics, domestic violence response work, and jail conditions. Ms. Berry was very affected by her experiences at a young age and saw a need to help people. 

Due to law enforcement age limitations, Ms. Berry joined the military in hopes of joining law enforcement but became a Radioman in the Navy. She served ten years, got to see the world, and loved meeting people in other countries. Ms. Berry experienced extreme racism and sexism in the Navy but persevered. She was the first woman  to go aloft on her ship at sea during Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf and the first person to run Stockton’s Communication center, a position only held by a Manager. Ms. Berry finished her Naval contract and did not seek reenlistment, which enabled her to not have to leave her daughter on deployments. Ms. Berry worked for the California Department of Corrections for eight years and during these years, she joined the Naval Reserves as an Information Technician, formerly called Radioman.  During her time in Corrections, she experienced sexism by some of her co-workers and filed an EEO complaint. She also saw the reality of mass incarceration and discovered common patterns of the reasons people get incarcerated. The most common pattern was lack of education.  Ms. Berry then left Corrections, worked as a Recruiter, Group Home Worker, Special Ed assistant, Census Partnership, Low Income assistant, and joined the Army National Guard.  These positions constantly brought her into the position of advocating whether it was for herself, someone else, or a group.

In 2015, Ms. Berry became homeless.  She spent the night in a shelter but could not take the harsh conditions and chose to sleep in her car.  She then fought hard to get assistance from a Veterans program which landed her in Transitional housing. The housing was very difficult for Ms. Berry, but she stuck it out for months until an apartment in the Bayview became available.  During Ms. Berry’s busy work schedule, she still made time to stay active in the Bayview, Western Addition Community and city issues. She’s gone to countless townhall meetings, community meetings, protests, think tanks, and hearings.  She was involved in #Occupy, Hunters Point Shipyard environmental issues, Bayview’s New Library Art Preservation and Contract Bid, Homeless hearings, Police Commission meetings, Reentry meetings, Justice for Mario Woods events, support of the Frisco Five, and a member of the New Community Leadership foundation which received a grant for Fillmore Mini park and is ` fighting to have the Fillmore Heritage Center maintain an African American presence. Ms. Berry also was a member of a group in Oakland that launched a Saturday workshop for youths which included teaching non-traditional history, math and art. In 2015, she started her own organization, Berry Powerful Ladies,  that takes girls on outings such as sport events, operas,  Stanford youth programs, and coding projects  ( Ms. Berry is also a volunteer with the Friday Night Live Youth Program. 

Support Gloria Berry  and her focus on education, drug treatment, and police accountability in San Francisco's District 10.  


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Your candidate knows the value of being connected. These connections are based on Miss Berry’s real life experiences. That's why she’s running for this position. Help them help you. You now have  a Candidate that wants to advocate for what is right.

Her finger is on the pulse of the community. Miss Berry can relate to all. She owned a home for eleven years, know what it’s like to go through a foreclosure and the frustration of home owner association dues rapidly riding. Miss Berry knows what it’s like to find yourself suddenly homeless, how hard it is to get a bed and easy to lose your bed in a shelter. Also, the frightening environment of a shelter and transitional housing. She can also relate to paying rental application fees to agencies that don’t even exist although they were recommended by a government funded agency. Additionally, the frustration of a counselor offering housing in a drug infested SRO and not feeling safe to live in one but then being viewed as a difficult client. She will demand answers to the tough and uncomfortable questions. 

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