Drug Treatment

Police Involved Shootings


Community Unity

Reentry-Richmond Model

Health Testing of Bayview Residents effected by Toxins



United States Veteran, Thirteen years.  Native, born and raised. I went to Public School, Private School  and Community College San Francisco. I’ve been a home owner for eleven years, was homeless nine months and I am now a renter.

An Activist all my life. I speak out against domestic violence, racism, sexism, criminal injustice, 

homelessness, police brutality, environmental issues, big banks, mistreatment of Veterans, and not 

hiring local contracts. I’ve attended countless hearings, Board meetings, protests, think tanks, police 

Commission, reentry council and town hall meetings.

-I want to partner with the School District and get our District 10 schools at a level competitive with the 

best in the nation.

-Expand existing homeless programs in the district that are doing the work and stop funding  programs 

that are just profiting off homeless

-More drug treatment programs

-Accountability for Police Officers that use excessive force

-Waive application fees for veterans applying to rentals

-Unity events

-Legislation for an Office of Neighborhood Safety, Richmond, CA model

-Free Health screening for Bayview residents effected by toxins from the Naval shipyard

-Sea rise protection

-Partner with Tech companies and Golden State Warriors to invest in District 10

-Serve the Community and be held accountable

-Promote and Support small businesses